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Playful Culture Curation. Consultation, curation, organisation and exhibition of games and play.


Early history

zo-ii founder Zuraida Buter has been involved in the game industry for over a decade in different guises. She is an avid advocate of innovation and collaboration amongst the different disciplines in the game industry. She has been a game researcher, collector, columnist, organizer, game shop co-worker, event initiator and much more. Zuraida started several initiatives to engage people in play and developing for play and games. During her time at Dutch Game Garden she initiated and co-organized things like INDIGO, Summer Game Dev, Global Game Jam NL, Monthly Network Lunches. She initiated INDIGO in 2009 as a showcase platform for Dutch indie games, enabling game developers to show their games to their peers and the general audience. In 2010 she became part of the worldwide Global Game Jam organisation as co-director, then became a board member and stepped up as Executive Director in 2012. She is a lecturer at Interactive Performance Design at the HKU since 2006.

Since then

In 2011 Zuraida started her own Playful Culture Curation company zo-ii with which she actively contributes to the growth of the (independent) games community and play culture by lending her expertise in the curation, organisation and exhibition of games and play. She dedicates herself to recording, documenting and showcasing the shifts, changes and highlights of the medium as they occur, often acting as a bridge between communities.In 2012 she co-founded the Playful Arts Festival with Iris Peters (Wave of Tomorrow) which focuses on playful culture and explores the cross-over between different fields of play, art, interaction and design. The festival stimulates collaboration between new and veteran designers from different fields to explore and create local, physical multiplayer games or folk games and playful cross-overs, installations and performances. With zo-ii, Zuraida curates games and playful events for different festivals anf travels around the world to explore and talk about playful culture, game jams and collaboration.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner EA Award for Achievement and Innovation" - London, September, 2013
  • "Nomination Ambassador Award." - Women in Gaming 2013 - San Francisco, March, 2014

Selected Articles

  • ""defender of the playful" along with curator, archivist, and champion o' fun."
    - Bernie DeKoven, Website
  • "Play Evangelist"
    - Mathias Poulsen, CounterPlay
  • "Official Chronicler Of All Things Indie"
    - The House of Indie, The House of Indie

Playful Arts Festival
Playful Arts Festival website. Initiative of zo-ii and Wave of Tomorrow http://playfulartsfestival.com.

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